Letter to the Editor, Pasadena Star News


January 1, 2004

Your editorial ("State still divided on immigration issue" Dec. 29) is misleading and deceitful. Let me count the ways:

1) This is not an immigration issue - this is an illegal immigration issue. Illegal aliens are criminals for having violated our immigration laws - once for jumping the border, twice for remaining illegally, three times for working illegally.

2) The state is not divided; every poll shows that the original Prop 187 would still pass by a large majority. Ron Prince supports the majority.

3) There is no such thing as an "undocumented immigrant". An immigrant is a person allowed into the U.S. by federal authority. The legal term is "illegal alien".

4) This is not a "complex issue". What is complex about wanting our laws enforced?

5) Prop 187 was not "struck down" by the courts. It was declared unconstitutional by one federal judge then illegally dumped out of the appeals court by Governor Gray Davis.

6) Evidently the Pasadena Star News thinks an "increasingly complex world" means a country's sovereign borders should be erased.

7) California has no way to solve the "social and economic injustice south of our border".

8) The "double standard" of hiring illegal aliens? Those homeowners and employers violate federal law - therefore are criminals themselves.

8) "Human rights"? What about the human rights of a nation's people to protect themselves from invasion?

9) The United States is not an "immigrant nation"; Americans are not immigrants. All countries are taking immigrants. Those in Europe are currently fighting their own illegal alien invasion. What country was not formed by immigrants?

10) Liberty's statue was never intended to allow unlimited numbers of foreigners to cross our borders illegally. The Ellis Island process was orderly, even checking for contagious disease.

Thanks for addressing this issue. Thanks for printing challenges.

Irvine, CA