The Bell Tolls for Canada

By whelan costen, Vive le Canada, July 1, 2006


There is no joy this July 1, 2006. To call it Canada Day is now a sad hypocrisy. That is because all the Members of Parliament (and our M.L.A.'s) are complicit in the unfolding transformation of Canada (without Canadians' informed consent) from a sovereign nation, independent and free to a part of a new entity in a North American Union stripped of civil liberties and ruled by corporate greed.

Launched under International Trade in a format of "Free Trade" Agreements, the transformation is almost completed economically, and is in high gear now in the fields of Defence, Justice, Immigration, Health, and Foreign Affairs. A Bi-national Planning Committee is in high gear integrating Canada and the USA militarily. Various committees are in high gear implementing two nation-breaking agreements, both of which adopted the agenda and direction of the Chief Executive Officers of the elite corporations of North America all driven by a powerful world elite.

The first of the nation-breaking agreements is the Smart Border Declaration of December 2001 under the Liberals signed by John Manley as Deputy Prime Minister and Tom Ridge of the USA Homeland Security Department. From this agreement flowed an integrated immigration and border control, and most importantly, anti-terrorist legislation that began the legal, judicial and policing integration of Canada with the USA removing civil liberties. This was accomplished via what appears to be the gravest travesty of justice in North America, namely the deception surrounding the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, September 11, 2001. Canada has failed to demand a proper and full inquiry, submitting instead to the highly questionable official U.S. position, which numerous respectable authorities now assert is verifiably wrong.

The second is the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed by the Liberals under Paul Martin in May of 2005 with George Bush of the USA and President Fox of Mexico. The goal is total North American integration by year 2010. David Emerson, the only re-elected one of the three senior Liberal Ministers responsible for piloting the implementation of the North American Union under the Paul Martin government, moved comfortably over to a Senior Conservative Cabinet position under Harper to continue the job.

In March 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Mexico's President Fox and U.S. President Bush in Cancun Mexico to escalate the integration of the three nations into one corporate driven block. They launched the North American Competitiveness Council. See:


"The Council comprises 30 senior private sector representatives, 10 from each country, and has a mandate to provide governments with recommendations on broad issues such as border facilitation and regulation, as well as the competitiveness of key sectors including automotive, transportation, manufacturing and services. The Council will meet annually with security and prosperity ministers and will engage with senior government officials on an ongoing basis. The Competitiveness Council is an initiative of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.".

On June 13th 2006 Prime Minister Harper announced the Canadian membership of North American Competitiveness Council. "The Canadian members of the Competitiveness Council are Dominic D''Alessandro (Manulife Financial); Paul Desmarais, Jr. (Power Corporation of Canada); David Ganong (Ganong Bros. Limited); Richard George (Suncor Energy Inc.); Hunter Harrison (CN); Linda Hasenfratz (Linamar Corporation); Michael Sabia (Bell Canada Enterprises); Jim Shepherd (Canfor Corporation); Annette Verschuren (The Home Depot); and Rick Waugh (Scotiabank)."

""I am delighted that these accomplished individuals have agreed to apply their considerable private sector expertise to help us identify and pursue initiatives that will create a more competitive North America,"" said the Prime Minister.

First, Paul Martin's Liberal led minority government sustained by the NDP, and now Stephen Harper's Conservative led minority government sustained by the Bloq Quebecois have rung the death knell for the Public Interest and the Public Good. Two elections, 2004 and 2006, held in the middle of this transformation saw not one of the main stream parties, nor any mainstream media profile this death dance. And still, they are silent!

It was Mussolini who equated Corporatism with Fascism. The leading lights directing current government come from the corporate world- a world with no soul, no heart, no morality, no conscience, no justice.

But, be still O Canada, my Canada. There are many who will not "go silent into this night".

We join hands in common chorus and direction with those of the USA and Mexico who champion the interest and life-force of humanity. We salute and celebrate the universal truths of justice, liberty, and equality which bedeck the path forward to independence and sovereignty.

. ...............................Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party

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