Letter: America in danger unless citizens step in

By Letter by Joe Inglis, Gainesville Times, November 15, 2006


America as we know it will be no more. The U.S. will be absorbed into the North American Union unless we citizens stop it soon.

History teaches us that we should not find it unbelievable that powerful forces seek to submerge the U.S. into a regional government like the European Union. We think of England, Scotland and Ireland as being sovereign nations. The reality is that they have not been independent nations for a very long time. Under the Acts of Union of 1707 and 1801, England, Scotland and Ireland merged to form the United Kingdom (U.K.). The citizens of these once sovereign nations have since been represented in the parliament of the U.K.

More recently, these nations have become more deeply submerged entities as the U.K. in turn loses its sovereignty to the European Union (EU). Twenty-five European nations are being absorbed into the European superstate as England, Scotland and Ireland are submerged even deeper into the a regional government encompassing the whole of Europe. The U.K. and the other 24 member states have already transferred much of their sovereignty to the EU. Yes, England, Scotland and Ireland still exist, but only as third level administrative jurisdictions.

Formation of the North American Union is very much under way. An agreement known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (S.P.P.) was announced in March 2005 during a meeting of President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. Under the plan, the three nations will no longer have separate borders, the United States' north and south borders being eliminated.

The S.P.P. is the next step in a process very similar to that used in Europe to replace individual nations with the European Union and is intended to lead to the formation of a new government for the United States, Canada and Mexico to be known as the North American Union (N.A.U.). Incredibly, if this plan is carried out, in just four years the U.S. may cease to exist as an independent political entity. Its laws, rules and regulations -- including all freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution -- will be subject to review and nullification by the North American Union's governing body, the U.S. becoming nothing more than a province like England within the European Union. You can help stop the North American Union. First, become informed. Satisfy yourself that the plans for the N.A.U. are indeed true. On the Internet, do a Google search of the three terms "North American Union," "Security and Prosperity Partnership" and "European Union." Then spread the word about the North American Union among family, friends, government and business leaders. Contact your state legislators, U.S. congressmen and senators. If we are to keep our freedoms and if the U.S. is to be more than a mere province in a North American superstate, we must stop the North American Union.

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