Poll: US-Mexico border opinions differ

UPI, June 12, 2002

WASHINGTON, June 12 (UPI) -- Nearly three out of five Mexicans believe there should be no border control for Mexican nationals crossing into the United States, while two-thirds of U.S. citizens do not believe illegal aliens in the country should be granted amnesty, a poll released Tuesday stated.

The poll was commissioned by Americans for Immigration Control Inc., ... The poll was conducted by Zogby International....

Asked if they believed the U.S. Southwest rightfully belonged to Mexico, 58 percent of respondents in Mexico said it did, while 28 percent disagreed. A similar number -- 57 percent -- stated agreement with the position that Mexicans have the right to enter the United States without U.S. permission. A total of 35 percent disagreed....

A total of 58 percent of [U.S. respondents] questioned said the United States should admit fewer immigrants each year while 30 percent said the U.S. immigration levels should be kept the same.

Sixty-five percent of those asked disagreed with the comment that foreigners illegally in the United States should be given amnesty and allowed to legally stay in the country, while 26 percent agree.

And 68 percent of Americans questioned believed that the U.S. military should be used as a temporary measure to help the U.S. Border Patrol control illegal immigration. Some 28 percent disagreed.

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