D.A. King has no association with Peter Brimelow or VDARE.com.

On September 6, 2006, D.A. King demanded that the Peter Brimelow remove his name from the VDARE Editorial Collective and archive his writings along with other past authors. To date, Brimelow has refused to cease using D.A.’s name for commercial profit and is soliciting donations while doing so.

We hope to soon remedy this situation.

We encourage all who are considering donating to Brimelow to examine his IRS required form 990 to see how the money is spent… WOW!

WOW! on 2004 too!

(Peter Brimelow’s E MAIL ADDRESS: pbrimelow followed by at vdare dot com).

The Dustin Inman Society was formed in 2005 with personal funds and is an independent effort that is only able to able to continue with your support. Our focus is on the rule of law, our intentionally unsecured borders and illegal immigration.

The American Resistance Foundation is not currently active. Please read the below carefully. We leave this info posted for reference purposes only. If you want to help, please see The Dustin Inman Society
     - dak December, 2006



The American Resistance Foundation was founded in 2003 with personal savings to do what I could to fight the invasion and colonization of America. To devote a full-time effort to TAR, I put away my own twenty-five year insurance business.

I have never been more proud of, or as committed to any project.

One of our goals was to unite the hundreds of groups of citizens around the nation who struggle to make their voices heard on the issue of our un-secured borders and the resulting illegal immigration crisis. See our links page for an idea of how many of those groups exist.

We at TAR are very proud to see great progress on the issue, with heightened media awareness and a very different attitude from many law enforcement and elected officials than was evident two years ago.

The American public now angrily refuses to allow the politicians to ignore the fact that in a War on Terror, millions of illegal aliens from all over the world trek into our nation each year – or that English is becoming an optional language in the United States.

We count that growing anger as a sign of our success.

One thing that more than two years of full time immigration crime fighting has taught us is that while there is a definite need for a nation-wide effort; pressure must be focused and continually applied on a state and local level.

To that end, we have founded and proudly operate The Dustin Inman Society. With that organization, we are focusing our efforts to educate the public and elected officials in Georgia and the Southeast.

We are setting aside our attention to the TAR Website.

We proudly measure our success so far on the powerful enemies we have created who profit from the organized crime that is illegal immigration. We invite the reader to explore the TAR Website, and use the research and information provided to educate others and to demonstrate that resistance is not futile. For those of you in Georgia and the Southeast ... we look forward to your help here.

To the more than 30,000 people who have sent words of encouragement and to those of you who have been kind enough to help by sending your kind donations… Thank you.

To the Brave Border Patrol agents who risk their lives each day to protect our borders...VIVA LA MIGRA and THANK YOU!

9 August 2005.

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