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If you wish to contact D.A. King, founder, please do so through The New Dustin Inman Society. Thank you.

If you are writing to ask how to report an illegal alien or a criminal employer, please see Report Illegals. Be advised, the federal government will do little more than take your report. In the "New America" under President George W. Bush, enforcement of employment and immigration laws is virtually non-existent.

We assume that you already know that American borders remain un-secured and that illegal immigration has increased since 9/11. We do. Please do not write to us to tell us there is a problem. For that, please write your Congressional representative.

If you are writing to tell us that we are somehow un-American for demanding that American borders be secured and our law be enforced – kindly save yourself the trouble of typing and us the trouble of hitting the delete key. Click here and here to reach others who share your views - then go apologize to your children.

If you are writing to tell us that you agree with what we are trying to do, and that you appreciate someone working to change the path our government has chosen for our nation, please remember that we depend on donations to continue.

This organization was formed and paid for with personal funds, and we operate at a severe loss each month. We can only continue with your support. See The New Dustin Inman Society to donate. TAR is not sponsored or funded by any group or organization.

Thank you.



Below are comments we have received from you, our supporters, and from some who are not so supportive.