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THE AMERICAN RESISTANCE FOUNDATION is not affiliated or connected with "Protect America Now", "Protect Georgia Now", or any of its leaders, in any way.

We are an independent self-funded coalition of American citizens who value the rule of law and demand secure borders. We have no other agenda.

Common sense on illegal immigration
  1. Secure American borders. See the Constitutional charter of the Guard, including Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Enforce American laws. See the Presidential Oath of Office.
  3. No more amnesties for illegal aliens - or the criminals who employ them. See the article The McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, by Rich Lowry,, May 27, 2005.
  4. Vote only for candidates, at every level of government, who will make the above their first priority. See the article Immigration could be the hot election issue in 2008.
What can you do?
Tell a Friend about the illegal immigration crisis. Refer them to The Dustin Inman Society and NumbersUSA.
See the results of our opinion poll on the illegal immigration crisis!
Share your thoughts with El Presidente Fox of Mexico.
See past action items and T.A.R. events and protests, with pictures.
See the illegal immigration report card for Georgia Senators and Congressional Representatives.

Reward for arrest and conviction of Cobb County woman’s killer.


February 1, 2005

The American Resistance Foundation [TAR] today announced that it is offering $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the January 7, 2005 murder of Lisa Ann Bourquardez, 27, of Acworth, Georgia. (See these articles: Police issued warrant for Bautista in murder of 27-year-old woman and The True Cost of 'Cheap Labor').

Police have charged Guillermo Peralta Castaneda, an illegal alien from Mexico, also known as Jose Bautista and Jaime Barceleta Morales. Casteneda is reportedly wanted in Mexico for a previous murder under the Morales alias and is one of an estimated 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

D.A. King, founder of TAR, said today “approximately 100,000 other illegal aliens are wanted for criminal acts in the United States”. “It is shameful that American borders are intentionally left un-secured and that laws designed to protect Americans in America are routinely ignored.” “The tragic death of Ms. Bourquardez was entirely preventable - which laws will we disregard next?” asked King.

According to police, the suspect is at large and may be attempting to return to Mexico. Anyone with information that would aid in the capture of Casteneda should contact Acworth Police at 770-974-3111.

The American Resistance Foundation is a Georgia based national coalition of citizens actively opposed to illegal immigration and America’s unsecured borders. TAR was incorporated in December 2003.

Ongoing - Reward for reporting tax law violators

The Internal Revenue Service is offering a reward for information on employers who hire illegal aliens and do not withhold required taxes. The penalties against employers violating IRS withholding code are harsh, including a 100% penalty against the employer for evading tax laws. In some cases, penalties include prison sentences. You can submit IRS Form 211 - Application for Reward to report violators of tax laws.

Ongoing - Amnesty and Borders

Fax President Bush and express your opinion on his proposed amnesty for illegal aliens. You can go to, and set up a user ID and profile. Then you can send easily-composed faxes to Congress and the President for free, over the internet, without the need for a fax machine. Federation for American Immigration Reform has a mechanism to look up your Congressperson and has suggested letters you can send.

The White House comment line is 1-202-456-1111. Please call and leave a message for President Bush to seal our borders and put the military on our borders. It is not expensive and will only take a minute of your time.

Thank the San Diego Border Patrol for their hard work - email the

For those of you in a writing mood, here's a good address you might like. Send it to all your friends and let him know what you think of his wonderful visits to our country, as he is suddenly so concerned about "taking care" of his people. What a shame he had no interest in taking care of them while they were in Mexico!

President Vicente Fox
Office of the President
Los Pinos
Puerta 1
Col. San Miguel Chapultapec
11850 Mexico, D.F.

His FAX is: 55 5510 8713
Tel.: 55 5515 3717

Also see past action items and events, with pictures!