By D.A. King; December 8, 2003; published in

*pa·tri·ot: One who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests. (Merriam-Webster)

Dear Readers,

From the responses that I have received it is evident that the concept of patriotism is not as absent in the hearts of the readers of this space as it seems to be in most of our leaders. I am humbled by, and grateful for, the thousands of encouraging e-mails that have come to me from all parts of our country, and from all occupations and backgrounds concerning the thoughts expressed here. You provide hope and energy to continue the fight that must be fought.

Thank you all.

I am of the opinion that the consequences of our laws being ignored and our children's future America being threatened have made it necessary to do more than write about what we can all see happening to the land that we love. As one respected friend wrote: "Frankly, we have enough information. We need some real outside-the-box action."

I agree.

It is long past time that the tax-paying citizens of this country received the protections that are guaranteed to them [us] under our Constitution. As has been observed here before, it has become glaringly obvious to even the most trusting citizen that we as citizens are being treated as a resource by the people sworn to protect us and that our America has become no more than an address to millions of invaders who care nothing about being American. One can write all day, and use a thousand different descriptions to comment on this sad reality, but as a personal hero has told me since childhood: you must put feet to your prayers.

It is time to do exactly that.

It is not un-American to fight to keep America. Let that fight begin now.

We live in a country where the Ford Foundation can fund organizations like The National Council of La Raza [The Race] and the hate-spewing MEChA can conduct its treasonous meetings on our tax-payer funded college and high school campus' - but a citizen who dares to mention that his community, culture, country and language are being taken from him, while he pays for the privilege, is labeled not "Patriot" - but "racist". We live in a country that allows 12 million illegal aliens to demand and receive the right to ignore the laws that the rest of us are fully expected to obey. When we ask why the offenders are not removed as the law demands, we are told that "they are just looking for a better life" and to do any less than accept this lawlessness is un-American.


We live in a country where we can spare more than a billion dollars for medical treatment for illegal aliens, but not to fully fulfill our sacred promise of the same for our veterans.


It is time for a "better life" for law abiding Americans. It is time to act while we still can.

It has been noted before that when invaded and occupied in the early 1940's, even the French had a Resistance.

It is time for an American Resistance to stop the colonization of our country. It is time to band together, for as long as it takes, to force our leaders to enforce our laws and defend our borders and our sovereignty. If they continue to refuse, we will elect others that will. Writing letters to the editor, to our Congress and to our President has only resulted in an increase in the number of third-world illegals rushing over our barely guarded borders and threatening our national security and sovereignty. They are laughing at us while we watch. It is time for the laughter to stop.


The fight will be won the same way that it has been waged against us...with money. Lots of money. It appears that the only thing that the politicians who are allowing our demise to happen before our eyes understand is money. It is time that we used our own money to force a change. Money that can provide mass protests of our own, money that will give us an effective lobby in Congress. If money is to be the only voice heard, we will fearlessly scream in the ears of the people who are charged with guarding our national sovereignty and security. It is time to show the power of the real American people.

Polls show that 85% of Americans favor enforcing our existing laws and defending our borders. [I have no explanation for the remaining 15%. They deserve what they get.] Many of you have written and asked what can be done to stop the invasion and take back the control of our government...

The American Resistance Foundation has been formed for the purpose of using small annual membership fees from committed, patriotic citizens to effect change that must come to reclaim and then keep our America.

We invite all Americans from all political ideals to come together for the sole purpose of enforcing our laws and honoring our Constitution.

While the lawyers finish the details of the fine print, please consider what power a million irate citizens can have speaking and acting as one. Think what power 10 million can have. All one has to do is look to the National Rifle Association or AARP to understand what can be done in Congress and at a grass roots, street level. We are done asking: it is time to take back America.

Consider the power that MALDEF, La Raza, LULAC, MEChA and the Mexican government itself presently enjoy in our country.

We hope and expect to have The American Resistance operational in 45 days or less. Until that time, please visit the Website, and share your thoughts here.

Previous generations have fought the fight and sacrificed what ever was necessary to preserve our nation. It is our turn. We must acknowledge that our nation and way of life are threatened from places other than radical Islam.

Thank you.