America Guards World’s Borders But Not Our Own

By Mike Blair, American Free Press, March 2, 2003

If the United States would deploy the half-million troops protecting other countries along its borders and deploy our army along the Mexican border, the nation would be secure.

American taxpayers have spent billions of dollars on military operations guarding the borders of countries around the world. However, America’s borders remain open and porous to millions of illegal aliens.

America has a half-million troops stationed around the world, mostly to protect the borders of foreign countries and this does not include the troops currently being dispatched to the Middle East to take on Iraq.

Why does America today need to station 69,203 troops in Germany 58 years after WWII and after the fall of the Iron Curtain?

Why are 11,190 stationed in Italy?

Another 11,207 stationed in Great Britain?

Why does America need to have 40,159 in Japan, which, like the European nations, is as affluent as America and capable of defending itself?

America has another 38,565 in South Korea to protect against intrusions from communist North Korea.

There are 2,008 American troops in Turkey to help protect Turks against the Kurds of northern Iraq.

However there is not a single platoon of American soldiers in place along the American border with Mexico, which is almost regularly invaded by Mexican Army troops shielding Mexican bandits smuggling drugs and illegal aliens across the border....

The only legitimate reason for any country to have an army is to protect its own borders.

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