Thank you, Karl Rove!

By D.A. King; January 8, 2004; published in

Here is a sentence that I have neither uttered nor typed before: Thank you, Karl Rove.

I watched the President present Mr. Rove's "temporary guest worker program" on January 7th.

I thank Mr. Rove for doing what a lot of us have been attempting to do for years - I thank him for making the American public wake up, take a position on, and have a basic working knowledge of our enormous illegal immigration crisis. I thank him for bringing the topic "out of the shadows." I believe that having done so will allow us to have the national dialogue that we need concerning the ongoing colonization of our country. Thanks to Mr. Rove, it is OK for all of us to talk about it now.

I owe you one, Mr. Rove.

We all do.

People who two weeks ago could not spell "illegal alien" and had no idea that there were 10-12 million of them in our country are now fairly bursting with their own two-day-old indignant opinions. Let the thought process begin. See the average American worker think. See the conservative voters waver. Watch "Totalization" begin to be examined.

As I went about my afternoon business following the President's speech, the car radio brought accusations of "shameless pandering", "an affront to the rule of law", and "let's call a tortilla a tortilla." And that was from a syndicated Libertarian talk show host. On another station, Rush Limbaugh [Rush Limbaugh!], new of illegal immigration knowledge, admitted that it was a political move toward the Hispanic vote. He went on to tell his listeners that Republicans were trying to take all of the issues away from the Democrats. He did not mention taking the country from the citizen, but I personally think he will get there soon.

It was a great service to those of us who have wanted for years to scream from the rooftops "WAKE UP AMERICA!" Mr. Rove, by convincing President Bush to shamelessly present your Hispandering amnesty scheme to trade U.S. sovereignty for votes, you have done more to advance the cause of saving our country from the third world and returning to the rule of law than a years worth of columns.

In the gym, fellow members that I had never even heard mention politics were speculating out loud as to how much money was spent to educate the children of illegals [I overheard, "30 million dollars?" ...they will learn soon enough.] Another, very successful acquaintance who proudly calls himself a Republican informed me in no uncertain terms that "we can't send them back; we must deal with them because they are here..." Ahh, the power of the media on busy minds. A very alert young person who is aware of my passion on this subject thought for a few moments and suggested that if we stopped allowing employers to hire illegals, they "would go back where they came from." Thank you, Michael; you ended my workout with a ray of hope for your generation.

By making President Bush's first topic in his re-election bid an amnesty for criminals, mostly from Mexico, [Mr. Rove - Mr. President, nobody is laughing at your Newspeak label] the administration has put its willingness to barter America's future on display for all to see.

The very people that are being pandered to are un-happy. They do have a "place to go." This Conservative American voter is outraged, and curious to see how you get the President out of the hole that you have dug for him. What next, Mr. Rove?

Mr. Rove, if it is Mr. Bush's intention to play "chicken" with the conservative vote ...begin the game. But please, do not insult us with the notion that handing out an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens will somehow increase our national security.

It only makes us more angry.

D.A. King is also a regular contributor to and founder of the recently formed THE AMERICAN RESISTANCE FOUNDATION - a member driven lobbying and activist organization that advocates for the enforcement of federal and state law. King is a former United States Marine and is not a member of any political party. He is a resident of the Atlanta area.

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