Illegals rise 15% since Bush plan

January 29, 2004, published on

Confirming the worst fears of those who oppose President Bush's plans to change immigration laws, U.S. Border Patrol officials report a 15 percent increase in the use of fraudulent documents at the world's busiest land border crossing...

The alarming increase in illegal migration prompted this editorial reaction from the San Diego Union-Tribune: "It has been nearly three weeks since President Bush proposed 'temporary' legal status for millions of illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Already, San Diego is starting to see the unintended consequences at the San Ysidro port of entry."

More than half of those caught using phony documents say the president's offer of de facto amnesty motivated them to attempt to sneak into the United States, the report added.

"This surge in unlawful attempts to cross the southern border is precisely what U.S. border enforcement officers and immigration policy experts predicted," said the paper's editorial. "By proposing to forgive millions of illegal aliens their trespasses against this country, President Bush has encouraged even more illegal aliens to join those already here."...

The Union-Tribune said the White House is not learning the lessons of 1986, "when Congress granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The amnesty did absolutely nothing to discourage future illegal immigration. In fact, the number of illegal immigrants has increased exponentially since then."

A recent New York Times poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans oppose a temporary worker program for illegals.

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