!VIVA LA MIGRA! - Gracias! to the Border Patrol from the Snakepit

by D.A. King, published in MICHNews.com, July 20, 2004

" Appointees to this position will be required to [serve] along the two international boundary lines and at other assigned places ... The conditions under which this work is carried on are closely comparable in nature and requirements to the duties of a soldier under actual field conditions. ... The work may, for this reason, be attended with some risk and personal dange.." - From the first Border Patrol Vacancy Announcement, October 8, 1924.

Here in the Snakepit we have become sadly acquainted with the absolute and brazen disregard for the law that comes from the third world horde that is allowed to swarm over our border with Mexico.

From the San Diego Union Tribune: “Waving signs with slogans like "Migra-Free Barrios," several dozen community activists and protesters gathered in Chicano Park near downtown San Diego yesterday to protest a rash of recent Border Patrol searches for undocumented immigrants…More than 400 undocumented immigrants have been arrested by Border Patrol agents working as a "mobile patrol group" out of the Temecula Border Patrol station, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They have been conducting daily operations in a 3,000-square-mile area that stretches into San Diego County, as well as Riverside and San Bernardino counties…”

It is clear that when the mostly Mexican mob illegally “migrates” into our nation, it brings with it the culture of lawlessness and chaos that is responsible for the very conditions that they flee in the rapidly deteriorating example of Democracy without the rule of law that is Mexico.

What we cannot and will not become accustomed to is the open and obvious defiance and cowardice from the very people who are in position of authority and responsible for leading the mission to allow Border patrol to do its job.

From here in the Snakepit, we wonder how the original of 1924 would regard the fact that brave Patrol Agents of 2004 are being told to cease their efforts to apprehend and deport the illegal aliens that are colonizing our nation.

Viva La Migra!

From the North County [California]Times: “Frustration is growing at the Temecula Border Patrol station, following a management decision to cut back on illegal immigrant sweeps, an official with the union representing Border Patrol agents said Tuesday.

"Station management told them to stand down, to stop their operations," said Ron Zermeno, shop steward for the National Border Patrol Council at the Temecula station.

"We don't know which way to turn ---- for once, we were doing our job, what the government pays us to do."

Frustration is growing here too…

Viva La Migra!


From World Net Daily: “…Border Patrol agents who executed highly popular roundups of illegal aliens in Southern California last month – the first of their kind in recent memory – say they've been told to stop such enforcement action, and the Bush administration official in charge of the immigration enforcement has refused to say if there would be additional sweeps in the future. In an extraordinary radio interview Thursday on Los Angeles talk-radio station KFI, talk-show host John Kobylt grilled Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security Asa Hutchinson about why the roundups had been ended…”

From the North County Times, again: ”At the height of the sweeps, both praise and scorn were heaped on the Border Patrol, with supporters saying it was high time the federal government started enforcing illegal immigration laws, and critics charging the Border Patrol with violating Latino civil and human rights.

“Zermeno said what he contends is a halt in sweeps stems from political pressure created by protestors.

"It's a few activists that are screaming for us to stop doing our job, and they are the ones getting (Asa) Hutchinson's ear ---- it's very frustrating.”

Viva La Migra!

When kidnapping as a career choice begins here, and it will, can we expect Under Secretary Hutchinson to reassure the Latino community that there will be no insensitive enforcement of those “anti-Latino” laws?

The good news is that American citizens are beginning to say “thank you” to the Border Patrol, and grass-roots efforts are becoming more and more common.

North County Times: “…some Border Patrol supporters have begun to organize, and a group rallied earlier this week near an anti-Border Patrol protest in Temecula, waving flags and signs in support of the sweeps.

"’There is a lot of public support for what we are doing,’ said Steve McPartland, a spokesman for the Border Patrol in San Diego. He said the office has received thousands of emails and has been flooded with phone calls of support.

“A roaming, 12-officer squad of Border Patrol officers has arrested 422 illegal immigrants in a series of regular sweeps since June 4. More than half of the immigrants have been arrested in North County. The operations will continue, said agency spokeswoman Gloria Chavez.

“Immigrant rights groups say the sweeps amount to racial profiling because the Border Patrol tends to concentrate on mostly-Latino communities and neighborhood stores that cater to Latinos, such as El Tigre in Escondido.

“But supporters counter that the officers are merely doing their duty and upholding the nation's immigration laws.

"’People are angry and fed up,’ said Linda Woods of Temecula, who supports the Border Patrol. "’I have not talked to anyone that doesn't agree with me.’

“Woods said she wrote the Border Patrol to thank them and commend them for their efforts. She and other supporters of the agency said illegal immigration is ruining the country by overtaxing social services, overcrowding schools and refusing to assimilate into American society.

"’You have to take a stand,’ Woods said.”

We could not say it any better.

Viva La Migra!

To thank the Border Patrol for trying to do their job, you can make your voice heard with information found here: http://www.americanpatrol.com/DHS/ContactHutchRaidsCA_040626.html