A Citizen Asks: What If? - The Sound of a Vote Written In

By D.A. King, published on MICHNews.com

This “does not represent the America that I know…” - President George W. Bush, speaking of the events in the recent prison scandal in Iraq.

Those words ring in my ears when I reflect on my second trip to Cochise County, Arizona two weeks ago. I am sorry to report that the illegal traffic across our border with Mexico resembles that of the entrance to your local mall.

One day, from my position in the shadeless 98-degree desert, I could see a lone Border Patrol agent and the three illegal aliens that he was tracking… I was watching “the world’s largest game of hide and seek” as one Patrol agent put it to me. The surreal scene in front of our group was a normal day for the weary Patrol Agent.

As the Patrol agent got closer to the illegals location, they ran the 50 yards back to the barbed – wire fence that, for now, separates the third world from our children’s future, slid under it and walked past us on the Mexican side while I took their photo.

After they had reached a distance of 100 yards from us, a car appeared and they got in and drove off, down “border road”, but not before saluting us with the universally understood single digit.

In March, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 71,000 illegal aliens in the Tucson sector alone. A figure that officially represents one-third of the total illegal crossers. A different way of saying that 140,000 made it into our nation.

That number is increasing each month.

The nation that I see at present does not represent the America that I know either.

Keep that official number of 140,000 successful crossers in March in mind dear reader.

I did not sit down at my keyboard to recount the horror stories that are told by the duly outraged residents of Arizona, or to re-sound the alarm that our nation is being invaded by the minute and colonized while our government aids in that process.

Neither did I intend to comment on the fact that our complicit media shamelessly labels these criminals as “immigrants”, or that in a race for profits our banks are now offering mortgage loans to the illegal and mostly Mexican occupation force.

I type only to share a thought that occurred to me while I was traveling around Cochise County observing the assault on my nation. While doing some simple math, I began a game of “what if”.

For me, the angriest that I have been as an adult was on January 7th, 2004 while watching President George W. Bush make his amnesty proposal speech. I will never forget that day, or the President’s demonstration of his willingness to trade amnesty to criminals for votes.

What if:

Instead of simply a proposal, what if the Bush amnesty had actually been implemented on January 7, 2004? What if the millions of illegal aliens in the United States had been forgiven their crimes on that day of infamy?

What if the number of illegals had gone magically to zero with the stroke of a pen that January afternoon?

Using the official government figures, as a result of the illegal entry into our nation from the Tucson, Arizona sector alone, we would have 140,000 new illegals a month “looking for a better life” in our country. From the day of Bush’s speech to the November election, [140,000 x 10 months] there would be 1.4 million additional “oppressed victims” for whom to pander.

If we run those very low numbers out to the next presidential election in 2008, the number of Frank [anything for a buck] Sharry’s newly arrived “future citizens”, grows to nearly 7 million fresh candidates for the next amnesty. [I wonder in what language that amnesty would be delivered?]

And the brave young Border Patrol Agent would still be chasing illegals around the American desert, assuming that act of “human-rights abuse” is still allowed by then.

Even further out on the left, the Democrats have recently introduced their own attempt to out Hispander the open-borders wing of the Republican Party with the comically named “SOLVE ACT”.

I grow impatient for the opportunity to not vote for either America-last political party in November. And I will not vote for them in English.

“Does not represent the America I know” indeed.

I wonder: if nobody can hear me write-in a vote alone in the voting booth, will it still make a sound?

I think it will.