Europe - or Georgiafornia? MALDEF speaks

by D.A. King, May 21, 2004, published on MICHnews

“…They ought to go back to Europe ”… Mario Obledo, founding member, former national director of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF].

Senor Obledo was speaking of anyone who may object to California becoming a “Hispanic” state.

I had first read that sentence about 18 months ago when I began to become aware that our nation was being colonized by Mexico, and that the elected officials sworn to protect us were in on the deal.

My life has not been the same since, nor will it ever be.

I live in what is fast becoming “Georgiafornia” and here, we have a state Senator who tells the Georgia senate that we should “bend the rules for Hispanics”.

Not in my backyard, state Senator Zamarripa. Not a chance Senor Obledo.

I am not from Europe. I am from the United States. I don’t know anybody who is entertaining the idea of leaving the country of their birth – with the exception of the millions invading the United States from the third world.

I am here and I will fight you Mario. As will most of us. Tell your accomplices.

The law will apply to Hispanics just like it does to me, Senator Zamarripa.

As citizens, we are “out of the shadows”, and we demand that our children have the “human right” to look for a “better life” in their own country.

MALDEF celebrates 35 years of Breaking Barriers, Ensuring Equality and Awarding Accomplishments” …half page advertisement in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that ran several consecutive weeks previous to the “3rd Annual Atlanta Awards Dinner”, held Thursday, May 6, 2004, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, in Atlanta.

In an effort to make it known that we are not interested in leaving our homeland, THE AMERICAN RESISTANCE and the Georgians for Immigration Reduction - with special guest protester Joe Guzzardi, [Thanks Joe.] staged a rally at the hotel here in Atlanta where the MALDEF “awards” dinner was held. Please trust me when I say that this is as rewarding a way to spend a perfect spring evening in Georgia as any.

Do try this at home.

“…The American Resistance and concerned American citizens will rally near the J.W. Marriott Hotel, 3300 Lennox Rd., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia – Thursday, May 6, 2004 at 5:00 PM to protest the ongoing assistance to and encouragement of illegal aliens by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. [MALDEF]… T.A.R. press release.

Attendees for a MALDEF event are apparently a shy lot. I say this because we never actually saw any of them. Their dinner was scheduled to start at 6:00 PM [we were there at 4:45 ] and there were four valets waiting to welcome them and park their cars. Our group of 25-30 citizens made it a point to be situated so that we could see and be seen as they drove up to the covered entrance to the hotel. Nothing. Nobody. Nada. Having advance knowledge of our intentions, [we sent a press release to MALDEF offices.] they made the decision to arrive early, park their own cars and walk into the hotel in the rear of the building, we were told.

While it would be fine with me to never again see a MALDEF type, it seems somehow cowardly of that entire group to avoid the American citizens for which they work so hard to dispossess.

As a group, we went to the hotel bar to wet our whistle after the rally… still no MALDEF. Maybe they don’t like us?

It couldn’t have been because of Joe - everybody likes Joe.

$608,661.00 “Special Events” net income from the year 2001 - MALDEF [One year prior to the 1st annual Atlanta “Awards Dinner”] - IRS form 990. [ MALDEF EIN 74-1563270] Estimate is that MALDEF will show a one million dollar profit this year from these banquets.

Because of the power of the internet, anyone with the interest can see the amount of money raised in past years from “special events” like this assembly of the illegal alien lobby, even easier a task is to connect the dots when realizing the absence of any reporter from the Atlanta Journal - Constitution at our ½ block-long peaceful assembly. [We sent the AJC three announcements/press releases].

The AJC was the dinner Chair for this MALDEF fundraising event.

Let me repeat that. A member group of the illegal alien lobby held a fundraiser, and that fundraiser was Chaired by the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. They did not cover the very visible protest demonstration directly outside that dinner.

=Covers Dixie like the dew indeed.

While standing back and watching the sign carrying American citizens courageously use one of the rights still allowed them, I calculated that in the 2 ½ hours that our group was allowed to peaceably assemble in protest, the number of MALDEF banquet guests was nearly the same as the number of illegal aliens that entered our nation in that time – 250.

How will we know when we have enough illegal aliens in our nation? How will we stop them then?

We will stop them Senor Obledo.