Rewarding Outlaws

By Neal Boortz, January 16, 2005

One of the emerging battles in President Bush's second term is going to be what to do about illegal immigration. For those of you a bit desensitized by the practice, allow me to bring you back up to speed. Illegal immigration happens when illegal aliens illegally break the laws of the United States and illegally sneak into this country. Make sense? I thought so.

Anyway, George Bush wants to institute a sort of blanket amnesty for illegals. Rather than enforce the law, which would mean rounding up the illegal aliens and shipping them back to Mexico, the president wants to give them a pass. A working pass, that is. Under the president's plan, illegal aliens would be allowed to apply for and receive a work permit to work in this country legally. This would put them on a path to citizenship. In other words, they would be rewarded for breaking our laws? So what's wrong with that?

Plenty. First of all, in a post-9/11 world, we should be tightening our borders, not loosening them. If the president gets his way, Al-Qaeda agents would be able to apply for and receive a work permit. This would allow them to freely cross the border every day, in plain sight...

Second, what are we really doing by encouraging people to illegally enter our country? What do our laws mean if we don't enforce them? Instead of offering amnesty, how about rounding up the illegal aliens and shipping them back to Mexico? That would be a start. By the way, they are illegal aliens...not the more politically correct "undocumented workers" nonsense.

The president has a real battle on his hands. By one member's count, there are 180 GOP members in the House that oppose his plan....

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