Joint declaration of the Mexican and Mexican-American organizations of GeorgiaMexican-American organizations of Georgia

Atlanta Latino, March 25, 2005

WHEREAS approximately 390,000 Mexicans live in the state of Georgia, representing 4.5% of the total population (2003 U.S. Census American Community Survey);

WHEREAS these Mexicans are working for and fueling Georgia industries such as construction, manufacturing, food services, tourism, landscaping, agriculture and more;

WHEREAS a growing number of these residents hold professional positions at various companies, some of which rank among Georgia’s top 500 and at various schools;

WHEREAS a significant number of these residents have established businesses of their own, generating jobs, paying taxes and growing new business for the state;

WHEREAS the number of companies in Georgia focusing on marketing products and services to Mexican consumers is growing;

WHEREAS the purchasing power of the Mexican community constitutes 73.5% of Hispanics’ $10.9 billion purchasing power throughout the state (The Selig Center and The U.S. Census);

WHEREAS Georgia’s Mexicans also accounted for most of the $1 billion sent from this state in remittances to Latin America in 2003, thus contributing also to the growth of Mexico (2004 Inter-american Development Bank Report);

WHEREAS the presence of the Mexican community has spurred the investment of Mexican companies in Georgia, generating new jobs and tax revenues for the state;

WHEREAS Mexico is Georgia’s third largest trading partner and its top Latin American trading partner, with total exports from Georgia amounting to $1.1 billion (2003 U.S. Census, Miser and SE-NAFTA);

WHEREAS various top companies located in Georgia do business with Mexico on a daily basis;

WHEREAS Georgia’s culture has also been enriched as a result of the presence of the Mexican community, in areas such as cuisine, music, dance, and the visual arts;


The signatories declare that they have come together for the purpose of coordinating their efforts and activities to promote awareness that the Mexican community in Georgia has become an important part of the growth and prosperity of Georgia as well as Mexico, through the benefits provided by its workers, professionals and business owners.

They all come here with good intentions, and their daily efforts generate wealth and new job and business opportunities on both sides of the border, promoting strong work ethics and a constant drive for success.

The signatories have decided to coordinate efforts and activities to promote an objective and truthful portrait of Georgia’s Mexican community so that it may be taken into consideration in all proposals that affect it, whether developed in the public or private sectors, thereby strengthening ties between Georgia and Mexico.

The signatories hereby wish to affirm that the presence of the Mexican community also promotes ties of friendship and interchange on the public and private levels in society, economics, politics and culture, enriching Georgia-Mexico relations and serving to benefit individuals and organizations on both sides.

The signatories also wish to affirm their desire to promote better awareness of the characteristics and impact of Georgia’s Mexican community in order to improve communication between the Mexican community and the rest of the Georgia community, which will serve as a bridge of understanding for all.

In witness whereof, the signatories listed below agree to continue their joint efforts and activities in the interest of serving the objectives described above.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 18, 2005.

Alumni Association of Monterrey Tech in Georgia
Mexican American Association of Georgia
Mexican American Chamber of Commerce
Mexican Center of Atlanta
Advisers of the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior
(Institute of Mexicans Abroad)
Consejeria Comercial de Mexico
Consulate General of Mexico
Club of Natives of Acambay, Mexico
Club of Natives of Cinco de Febrero, Durango, Mexico
Club of Natives of San Marcos, Guerrero, Mexico
Club of Natives of Tulillo, Jalisco, Mexico
Club of Natives of Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico
Mexican Institute
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

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