Thumbing nose at illegal immigration isn't funny

By D.A. King, March 23, 2005

Occasionally people describe an event, situation or remark as "funny" when they really mean it is strange or odd - or outrageous.

For me, knowing that according to researcher John Price writing in the Latin American Market Report for Info Americas Newsletter that 90 percent of all illegal immigration into the U.S. comes from Latin America, and that the 2000 Census demonstrates that 70 percent of the illegals come from Mexico alone, creates several such "funny" situations.

For example - "that's "funny" - although the U.S. Constitution promises each state protection from invasion [Article IV, section 4] and under federal law [USC Title 8 1324] it is a felony to employ, assist or encourage anyone who is in our nation illegally, so many illegal aliens are here that Cobb County is actively recruiting Spanish speaking employees.

See what I mean?

"Funny" - or outrageous?

In the midst of a "War on Terror," illegal immigration has increased since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. "Funny"?

Here's another. Georgia has one of the fastest-growing populations of illegal aliens in the entire nation.

In 2003 Gov. Sonny Perdue created his "Latino Commission for a New Georgia," but has yet to create a commission to consider methods to slow the influx of illegal aliens into Georgia, or to study the consequence of what may be more than half a million illegals living here and using taxpayer-funded services paid for from our strained state budget.

It could be described as "funny," I guess, that Israel Cortez, a member of the governor's Latino Commission for a New Georgia, along with Georgia Department of Labor employee Estuardo Rodas, was instrumental in arranging for the Mexican government to send its Mobile Consulate to DOL offices in Valdosta to process applications for the issuance of its Matricula Consular ID card.

Hmmm, it's "funny" that taxpayer-funded state offices would be used to issue a form of ID that is needed only by someone here illegally, as a real legal immigrant would already possess a stamped visa or valid passport.

Title 8 laws apply to state and local governments as well as businesses and individuals.

It's "funny" that when the planned Feb 12 event in Valdosta was pushed out of the shadows and was made known, the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta abruptly cancelled the meeting.

Cobb County schools, like those of most of those in Georgia, struggle to keep up with the exploding numbers of students who are the children of illegal aliens.

Here in Marietta, I get mail and calls from Americans in Georgia who are being denied jobs because they do not speak Spanish.


Cobb and Gwinnett counties have recently seen raids on some of the largest methamphetamine drug labs in the nation, operated by criminals who are in Georgia in violation of American law.

One illegal alien meth dealer busted recently in Gwinnett County had managed to get a mortgage on not one, but three homes. Ahhh - the American dream.

It's "funny" that a Georgia state Senator, Sam Zamarripa (D-DeKalb), is a founding partner of a local lending institution that allegedly makes mortgage loans to illegal aliens.

Absent the promised border protection of our federal government, some may describe these facts of life in present day Georgia as "funny."

Asked for a comment on the alarming situation in Georgia, the governor's office dismisses any suggestion that he initiate any action to discourage illegal immigration into Georgia by remarking that "the federal government should enforce immigration laws".

From here in Marietta, it is this humble American's observation that any state official who is not working on a solution to protect Georgians from the obvious dangers created by illegal immigration and to serve the citizens they were elected to protect is part of the problem.

"Funny." Next year is an election year.

We'll see if by campaign time the Georgia voters can illustrate the difference between something that is "funny" - or outrageous.

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