Online T.A.R. poll

Below are the results of our recent poll. The American Resistance Foundation is sharing the results of our recent poll with each member of the 109th Congress. (See Congressional immigration voting scores).

For them, the next election is less than two years away.

T.A.R. Poll results

Question: 1. Are you aware of the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens?
yes 1674 votes    84.9%
no 297 votes    15.1%

Question: 2. President Bush has proposed another amnesty for the more than 20 million illegal aliens currently in our nation. Do you believe this amnesty would help secure our borders and discourage more illegal aliens from entering the United States?
yes 79 votes    4%
no 1896 votes    96%

Question: 3. Do you support another amnesty for illegal aliens?
yes 91 votes    4.6%
no 1882 votes    95.4%

Question: 4. In the 'War on Terror', is the President's refusal to secure American borders and enforce American immigration and employment laws basis for impeachment?
yes 1485 votes    76%
no 470 votes    24%

Question: 5. Do you support the concept of a secure barrier to illegal crossing on the U.S. - Mexico border?
yes 1879 votes    95.2%
no 94 votes    4.8%

This poll opened on 12/26/2004 and closed on 1/19/2005

Due to a technical error that was discovered approximately 36 hours after our poll went live, we found that "no" votes on question 5 were not displayed. Using the total number of votes on the poll, we were able to discern the number of missing "no" votes missing from the counter. We adjusted the counter to include these "no" votes at 22:40 on 27 December, 2004.

There were 667 total votes, and 641 "yes" votes on question 5. We concluded that the difference of 26 votes on question 5 were "no" votes. Note that this adjustment was in favor of "no" votes on question 5 - any abstentions on the question were considered to be "no" votes. We apologize for this problem.