Christian Coalition of Georgia Panel Discussion, February 19, 2005


D.A. was proud to be part of a Christian Coalition of Georgia sponsored panel discussion on the illegal immigration crisis in our nation on February 19, 2005. The event included keynote speaker U.S.Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia state Senator Chip Rogers, Georgia state Represenative John Lunsford, CIS Director Mark Krikorian and FAIR represenative Paul Egan. We are grateful to the Georgia Christian Coalition for this opportunity to discuss the ongoing problem of illegal immigration into our nation - and its consequences.

An account of the event was written by the Atlanta Latino bilingual "newspaper".

We think it important to have a face to put on the various radical un-American and hate-filled racists who are taking advantage of the White House policy of non-enforcement of our border security and immigration and employment laws.

To understand who it is that funds people like Adelina Nichols, here and here.

Galeo, a Georgia non-profit formed by Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa, reported the events and words of the day in this article.












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