Citizens of Cochise County, Arizona, still are not safe


Citizens of Cochise County, Arizona, still are not safe.

These are photos of 11 illegal aliens from a group of over 30. The Border Patrol advised the photographer to leave the field because "this is a violent bad group."

The photos were taken at 12:40 on November 29, 2004 and it has been reported that a citizen called this same group in to BP at about 9:30 a.m. several miles from Ramsey Road where some of the group was caught by BP. A citizen reported 3 men that ran south on Ramsey over a privite property owners' fence away from BP agents and then one female illegal alien fled south also. (This was the only female that the photographer witnessed.)

It is not known if the four runners were caught.

The BP chopper was flying over the group and the illegals contuined to run from the BP chopper and on foot (ground) agents.

While the photographer was on Ramsey Road a school bus pulled up amist the illegal alien chasing and droped off a local resident child. The photographer observed the child walking in the same direction that the 3 fleeing male illegals ran just moments before.






An estimated $10 million in drugs.

Trash left by illegal aliens.


Photographer unknown.
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